Hollywood College

Job title: Assistant Education Administration


Job duties: Assist to coordinate student administration and services, and instructional and educational activities. Answer telephones and give information to callers. Maintain and manage information, documents and systems, such as attendance records, transcripts, correspondence, or other materials.  Manage schedules and academic calendars. Keep track of student records and assist students on issues such as course selection and progress toward graduation. Help administrative departments in student recruitment, admission, and career services. Monitor enrollment report/trends. Assist operational and financial matters. Maintain records of curricula review, instructional methods, and materials. Perform payroll functions, such as maintaining timekeeping information and processing and submitting payroll.


Requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Related field


Apply: Send your resume to Dr.Samuel Rhee (Hollywood College @ 3470 Wilshire Blvd. #350, Los Angeles CA 90010)