How to Succeed in English Class

So, you’ve decided to study English in the USA. Great! Now, do you want to thrive in your

English classes? Do you want to be the ultimate English student? Here are ways to not just be

successful in your English Courses, but to be outstanding!

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1. Read, read, and read even more! Sitting on a train? Read. Bored at home? Read.

Sitting on the beach? Read. Eating dinner? Read. Always have a book in your hand, and

read it every spare moment you can. Read English classics, read magazines, or even

just read the news on your phone in English. Reading as much as possible will

absolutely help you succeed in class.


2. After reading, read what other people are saying about the books you’ve been

reading, or other’s opinions on topics you are reading about. Summarize your own

views and decide if you agree with others, or disagree.


3. Share your opinions. When people, ask about your opinion, practice explaining why

you feel a certain way.


4. Work on being specific in your answers. Instead of answering a question about how

you liked a move with, “Yeah, it’s good,” say something like “I like the way that writer

developed the characters. I also thought the ending was surprising!” Work on using

developed and thought out answers.


5. Compare the situations you read in class to situations in real life. Find the main

ideas in everything you read. What is the message? What exactly does it mean? How

can you relate to what you read? Asking yourself these questions will help to develop

strong answers and opinions that will be helpful in your studies at an English school.


6. Take notes. If you’re reading and come across something that impacts you in some

way, mark the text with a stick-on tab (or Post-It note). Don’t draw or underline in the

book because you may not be able to find the page it’s on. Post-It notes will help to

quickly flip to parts that you liked. Take notes when you’re watching TV about main

ideas, slang or idioms, anything! Note-taking is a very valuable skill to have!


7. Participate in class. Don’t just sit in the back corner and hide from the teacher, feel free

to share your opinions. Be ready to explain why you feel that way, and don’t worry if

others disagree. An important part of an English Speaking Class is being able to have

lively discussions.


8. Write essays in your free time (even if they were not assigned in class). Look online

for essay topics and practice structure, vocabulary, grammar tools. Write stories! Write

poems! Write anything that interests you! Don’t let writing scare you, as so many

students do. The more you practice, the more confident you will be in class.

The Art of Writing An English Essay 1

9. Once you finish writing your essay, check and edit your own paper. Using Microsoft

Word will help to find spelling and grammar errors. Reading out loud will help to check if

the essay flows smooth.


10. If your teacher grades your work strictly, don’t be afraid to ask why. Teachers are

there to help! They don’t want to discourage you, they want to help you to be the best

you can be. Teachers will always answer your questions and will appreciate the extra

effort you put into asking them about your grade.


11. Speak English ALL the time! Speak English, watch TV and movies in English, listen to

music in English, and do everything you can in English both inside of class, and outside

of your language school.


12. Last, but not least… Have fun! Don’t be hard on yourself if you make mistakes,

everyone makes mistakes! Plus, mistakes are the best way to learn. So, don’t be shy, do

your best, and you’ll do great in your English Courses. 🙂