The reason to study English in Los Angeles!

The reason to study English in Los Angeles!

There are many reasons why Los Angeles is a good place to study English.

Nice weather, Exciting Activities, Culture, Interesting People…. Let’s talk about it!

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Los Angeles has perfect weather. During the year, the temperature is around 10-28 degrees Celsius. In addition, most days are SUNNY! It is very rare to see rain. Because of this perfect weather you can enjoy outdoor activities like camping, having BBQ parties, hiking, going to beach, etc. all year round! You will enjoy the beautiful weather!



Los Angeles is cosmopolitan city where you can meet people from all over the world. In Los Angeles, you can find international neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Korean Town, China Town, Thai Town and many others! Not only can you experience American culture, but you can experience other cultures in Los Angeles, too!


Entertainment City

Los Angeles is an exciting city to live in. Hollywood is a center of the entertainment industry. Premier shows and red carpets including the Academy Award, the Grammy’s, and more in Los Angeles. You can even see some celebrities! Also, there are many nightclubs and live concert around Hollywood.


Great Universities

Los Angeles has many great Universities and Colleges such as UCLA, USC, CSUN, Pepperdine University, and Loyola Marymount University. Also, Los Angeles has many community colleges. maybe, you’ll get the opportunity to transfer a great higher education institution after finishing our language program!

Hollywood College

City of Arts

In this city, there are a lot of museums such as Getty Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Art Museum of Contemporary Art and The Broad, which is the newest one. Fortunately, most of the museums offer us “Free Admission”. For example, Getty Museum and The Broad are free to everyone, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art is free for Los Angeles residence on weekdays.

Los Angeles also has a “Downtown Art Walk” which is a free, self-guided walking tour throughout galleries, restaurants and bars in several surrounding blocks of Downtown Los Angeles on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6:00pm-10:00pm.



Because of the diversity in the city, you can try many kinds of restaurants. One of the most popular cuisines in Los Angeles is Mexican Food, which you should not miss!



In Los Angeles, people usually use their own cars, because the public transportation is not common and not useful as of your country/city. There are not many places for parking and parking lots are difficult to find. However, our school is conveniently located next to the Purple Metro Line.


Rent Fee

If you try to rent an apartment you may be surprised to see how much it costs! Rent is not cheap in Los Angeles. According to a CBS report, Los Angeles is one of the TOP 10 most expensive areas in the United States. Most of people share their room or their apartments, but it still can be expensive.

While Los Angeles does have downfalls, the positives make up for them! Hopefully this list helped to make up your mind to study English in Los Angeles.